Join us and the Roxbury community in welcoming native son Sayif M. Sanyika at the first Boston stop on  his  Walk of Faith, Forgiveness and Healing from
12 pm to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2011 here at the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, 300 Walnut Avenue, Roxbury.

On September 17th, Sayif began his walk from Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives to Boston where he was born (approximately 1000 miles) as a spiritual journey that honors faith and forgiveness and completes a 45-year healing process. The journey realizes a complete openness of heart and soul and embraces complete acceptance of all aspects of his life of successes and failures. He notes that he has submitted to the revelation to “step out of the shadows, and fully into the house of the Lord, and hide no more.” He has chosen to stop first at the Museum because it recalls and honors the role played by Elma Lewis in his life.

Sayif will make remarks at the museum and will continue with a walk to 12th Baptist Church where he will share food and further comments.

Formerly Assistant to the President of Hampshire College, Administrator, African American Institute at Northeastern University, Adjunct lecturer, Roxbury Community College among other notable positions, Sayif holds a Doctorate Degree in Theology. Among his publications are Higher Purpose—Higher Ground, A Walk of Faith, Forgiveness and Healing, All There Is, Spirit of the Soul: Moving toward a new Paradigm, and Higher Purpose. He was also featured in Who Took the Weight: Black Voices from Norfolk Prison (1971), published by Little, Brown Publishers. This latter book grew out of a teaching program of the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts at Norfolk Correctional Institution .

Sayif’s Walk of Faith, Forgiveness and Healing is associated with Heal Self—Heal America, a project for which he is president. Learn more about this organization at healselfhealamerica.org.